A Taste of Harmony - Celebrating Diversity in the Workplace

The Australian Multicultural Foundation is proud to support A Taste of Harmony, a national campaign encouraging all Australian workplaces to celebrate their cultural diversity through food.

Summit provides practical solutions to problems affecting young Australian Muslims

Following the success of the National Muslim Youth Summit held in Sydney in 2005, more than 85 young Muslims attended a workshop in Melbourne to discuss a range of issues identified by participants at the previous year's Summit.

Young people offer strategies to benefit wider community

The National Muslim Youth Summit, aimed at finding practical solutions to key issues concerning young Australian Muslims, was held in Sydney in December 2005.

Australian Voices – United Through Diversity

A Round Table Discussion, co-hosted by Australian Multicultural Foundation and Manning Clarke House, was held in November 2002 to assist in mapping the key issues, priorities and requirements for a harmonious and culturally diverse Australian society.

Diversity in Health

The conference provided an important opportunity for health professionals and policy makers to convene and listen to eminent local and international experts, discuss the latest research and consider the physical and mental health priorities for Australia's multicultural community.